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Housing and Accommodation

Most universities have housing assistance page on their websites. Please check your university's website for housing information for their students and if they have a posting board for available accommodations on and off campus

The following FB pages and websites are not managed nor affiliated with FASTCO. Exercise caution and due diligence when dealing with individuals or groups:






For other shared housing options, you can also check out Flatmates:


Studymelbourne is another great resource to explore with guides and information on living in Melbourne. 

Free Items

A range of people post their items online to take free of charge! Explore the links below to find something you might need for the price of 0.



Op Shops for Pre-loved Items



It can be daunting to live in a new place. Studymelbourne provides great tips and guides to master the art of budgeting.



Get acquainted with the Filipino community in your school! Below are some Filipino associations that you can join and get in touch with. Try to explore your own schools to find your community. 

Student hotlines and reminders provided by the Philippine Embassy
Student Helplines as of 01 June 2018-pag
Student Helplines as of 01 June 2018-pag

Click the PDF icon to download the PDF version (last updated 01 June 2018)

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