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FASTCO Performs Blit Blaan at the Philippine Street Fiesta 2018

The Filipino-Australian Student Council of Victoria is honored to have been invited to participate in this wonderful celebration of the 120th year of Philippine Independence held at the Queen Victoria Market. We are also very humbled to have contributed to showcasing the diversity and richness of the Filipino culture through a short traditional Blaan dance. Members of FASTCO performed BLIT BLAAN a courtship dance of the Blaan People of Davao del Sur, which imitates forest birds during the mating season.

Many thanks to Gloryrose Dy Metilla​ for teaching the choreography to the dancers: May Red Zafra​, Tysha Ramacula​, D An Sasuman, Katrina Corral​, Michaela Valerie Dawson​, and Ethel Villafranca​. Video courtesy: May Red Zafra.

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