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FASTCOffee Catch-ups: Connections & Conversations

"As a new member of the Filipino community of scholars in Melbourne, I enjoyed learning about the different research areas of FASTCO members, and exploring their intersections with my own research themes. I also received useful advice on how to keep it together as my PhD experience unfolds. Last of all, I enjoyed the camaraderie!" - Pamela Cajilig, PhD student, RMIT

In the past couple of weeks, the FASTCO Executive Board organised coffee catch-up sessions with PhD and TAFE students in Melbourne. New connections within the Filipino student community were formed. Conversations revolved around struggles, concerns, and - of course - best experiences as students.

FASTCOffee Catch-up with PhD Students

November 9, 2018

Animal Orchestra, Carlton

FASTCOffee Catch-up with TAFE Students

November 16, 2018

Captains of Industry, Melbourne


What do people think of FASTCOffee Catch-ups?

"FASTCOffee was a welcome break from research work, as well as a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow PhD students in Victoria. Over cups of coffee and delicious snacks, I enjoyed interacting with other Pinoy scholars from different fields and finding amongst ourselves so many commonalities--from our experiences back home, to our passions in Melbourne, to our aspirations in the present and the future. The light company and the overwhelming laughter from the attendees made the event truly worthwhile!" - Oscar Tantoco Serquiña, PhD candidate, University of Melbourne

"I enjoyed the good company and meaningful conversations." - Jeffrey Pagaduan, PhD candidate, University of Tasmania

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