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Sisig, Tulips, and More

It's been an exciting and busy first quarter for FASTCO as the new officers transition into the year. Here's what we've been up to in case you've missed these.

Sisig Served at the FASTCO Spring Salu-Salo 2018 We would like to thank everyone for coming to the FASTCO Spring Salu-Salo on September 15 at the Multicultural Hub! We hope you enjoyed the games and the food we have prepared.

Congratulations to the Trivia Game and raffle prize winners!

Thank you to the Tito's and Tita's of FASTCO - Tita Emmy, Tito Nestor, Tito Noel, Kuya Elizer - for the raffle and game prizes!

Tulip Festival 2018 For our Spring trip this year, FASTCO organised for members to check out the Tesselaar Tulip Festival on October 6. Luckily, the sun cooperated with us and the flowers were at their prettiest. Watch out for the next FASTCO Trip.

FASTCO's Vision, Mission, and Objectives Since August, the Executive Committee of 2018-19 have been working together to improve FASTCO Victoria, which is growing rapidly. We have crafted our organisation's vision, mission, and objectives as we move towards strengthening our organisational identity.

Vision: To be a community representative of Filipino and Filipino-Australian students in Victoria committed to the cultural values of 'bayanihan' and 'pakikipagkapwa.'

Mission: Serve as an avenue for meaningful information and fellowship among Filipino and Filipino-Australian students in Victoria and other relevant stakeholders.

Objectives: 1. Systematise organisational procedures 2. Create regular activities for members for information and fellowship 3. Strengthen existing partnerships and explore potential ones

What's in store for members in 2018-2019? 1. Strengthened membership benefits 2. Regularly scheduled events for information and fellowship 3. Centred around the calendar of a student in Victoria

FASTCO Executive Committee 2018-19

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